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Vásken Kalayjian (Author)
CEO and Brand Architect at GK Brand
Co-Founder of  Tribe Global, USA
Cofounder Wedzig, LLC
Tribe Global Board of Directors
Chris Cleary, PhD (Co-Writer)
J. C. Cleary
Author, Translator of Buddhist and Taoist teachings from China
Avetis Ghazaryan
Co-Founders of Essolethic, New York
Cheryl Esposito
Founder and CEO of Alexsa Consulting
Founder of the Center for World Leadership
Christine Mariconda
President and Managing Director of Marketing NOW
Tribe Global, New York
Claus Schuster
Managing Partner of DEFACTO X
Co-Founder of Tribe Global, Erlangen
Daniel Eischen

Founder and CEO of Interact
Co-Founder Tribe Global, Luxembourg

David Balfour
Co-founder of LIGHTBLUE – The Brand Adventures Agency
Tribe Global, Dubai
David Behl
David Behl & Associates, New York
Photography, Video, Painting
Guy Billout
World-renowned illustrator
École des Arts Appliqués de Baune, France
Jacqueline Karaaslanian
Executive Director of Luys Foundation, Armenia
Former MIT Media Lab Special Projects
John Fatteross
President of John Fatteross Communications, LLC
VP of Strategy for Tribe Global, New York
John Mihalec
Former White House speech writer and media affairs executive
International consultant for IBM
Marco Van Rookhuijzen
Owner and Managing Director of Steam Communications Consultants
Co-Founder of Tribe Global, Amsterdam
Nicky Unsworth
CEO of BJL Group, UK
Co-Founder of Tribe Global, Manchester
Patrick Antoine Bérézowsky
Founder and Owner of Punktzwei Markenagentur
Co-Founder of Tribe Global, Duüsseldorf
Patrick Sarkissian
Founder of ONEArmenia
CEO of Sarkissian Mason, New York / Miami
Paul Richards
President of Blue Water Market Research, LLC
VP of Market Research for Tribe Global, New York
Rosemarie J. Conforti, PhD
PhD in Media Ecology, New York University
Professor of Media Studies, Southern Connecticut State University
Runa Bouius
Founder and CEO of Runa Bouius Consulting
Co-Founder and President of the Conscious Leader Network
Co-Founder of the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter (CCLA)
Co-Founder of the TOGETHER! Network
Theresa Rice
CEO of Out Loud Communications Consultants, Miami
Todd Bolin
President and CEO of Bolin Marketing
Co-Founder of Tribe Global, Minneapolis
Vahe Galstyan
Co-Founders of Essolethic, New York
Vânia Gracio
Co-Founder and CEO of Sing Comunicação de Resultados
Tribe Global, São Paulo