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Chris Cleary, PhD (Co-Writer)

Brand Real has benefited greatly from the input of Chris Cleary (also known as J. C. Cleary). He has an AB degree and a PhD from Harvard, and is well known in the Buddhist world as a translator of Buddhist teachings from China.

For twenty years, Cleary worked in the software industry, typically for small software companies, where he was responsible for building custom systems for business clients. His role on software development teams was to develop relationships with clients and customers at various levels, to understand the business purposes that the software was intended to serve, and then to translate this into models and abstractions for the software architects and developers to work from. He therefore knows what it means to understand the big idea behind an organization, to serve its promise to its customers, and to add authentic value.

Cleary has always enjoyed getting to know people from different cultures and backgrounds: to him, the rich variety of cultural forms, languages, beliefs and attitudes is part of the beauty of being human.

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